About Us

DelaneySecure is a specialist Biometric Distributor in the UK and Ireland, and across Europe. We offer a range of quality off-the-shelf solutions, integration options and bespoke biometric solutions to enable secure and convenient biometric authentication.


Delaney provides the largest selection of biometric solutions from fingerprint scanners, vein readers, iris scanners, together with all the software options to make your implementation of biometric authentication quick and easy. At Delaney, provide a range of software packages for fast installation and SDKs kits for custom application authentication or membership systems. With our focus on quality, we can provide a robust and reliable solution to your authentication requirements.


Delaney Secure Ltd was founded as Kerry Secure Ltd in 2003 by Trevor Swainson as a spin-off from a technology company he ran with his son. The company started life in a WWII officers mess in the Surrey hills, the UK equivalent of the "Google garage".  Kerry Secure Ltd became the first UK and Ireland Distributor for DigitalPersona and later added 6 other brands to the portfolio. 


In 2010, Kerry Secure Ltd was sold to a fast growing IT Security Consultancy in London called Delaney Consulting Ltd. The company was then renamed, Delaney Secure Ltd as its known today. The company quickly doubled in size during the following years providing a greater range of products and services.


In 2013, DelaneySecure started developing its own branded products, firstly launching FP-Lite Superfast Fingerprint SDK, and later the FP-Lite SendKey Middleware applications. It is currently developing its own range of access control and time and attendance solutions for the UK and Ireland market. 


In 2014, DelaneySecure launched the first Biometric Experience Centre in the UK providing end users with an opportunity to experience the largest range of biometric technologies first hand, around 30 minutes from London.



The Team

Here are some members of the team ...

Paul provides over 15 years IT Security Experience originally mostly from banks and other larger corporations, but more lately increasingly small and large start-ups and medium sized enterprises.  Paul enjoys triathlons and motorcycling, as well as all things technical.


Andrew is an electronic engineer by trade and has over 15 years biometric development experience, and has worked on some of the world's best know biometric projects around the world from hardware design to software development. Andrew enjoys socialising, and is also a keen motorcyclist. 


Mohammed  manages the support team and is our tech lead. He setup much of the technology in the Biometric Experience Centre, and manages the day to day internal IT requirements. Tanveer has enjoyed travelling the world gaining plently of experience along the way. 


Wayne is our electrician nationwide, and has over 10 years experience with some of the world's leading companies in London. A expert in access control solutions, he provided the onsite installation services.


Kwaku works as our lead software developer, and has plenty of experience working for prominent companies worldwide. Kwaku has been a part time musician enjoys travelling and competing in a variety of sports.     


Mary is the sales support manager and one of our longest standing members of staff.  In her spare time Mary enjoys keeping fit and is a keen badmington player.   


Glyn is our marketing lead, and manages our web marketing strategy and website performance. He enjoys filming and has helped produce the DelaneyCloud case study videos helping us push on in our marketing efforts.


Shirley is a key member of the team overlooking the accounts department ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout the business.